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How does KA-BOOM work?
Users can download the app for free and simply scan KA-BOOM enabled materials, such as: images, magazines, newspapers, brochures, posters and TV/Monitor screens, to receive multiple digital content including; points of purchase, websites, social media channels and video’s. 

Here's the clever stuff
CODES are embedded in the image file. The embedded CODE is invisible to the human eye and only detectable by KA-BOOM's clever technology.

Now here's the really clever stuff!
Okay, here’s the bit that transforms KA-BOOM from pretty cool app... to an awesome app! CODES can be changed in real time to push users to new multimedia experiences. There is no limit to the amount of changes applied to a single CODE.

Hear it...
In the same way the app works to detect KA-BOOM's CODES embedded within images, the app can detect CODES embedded in audio files. When the app detects the audio CODE the user can be pushed the same interactive multimedia.

CODES can be embedded in to TV, Radio, Music, Venue Audio and Video, in fact any type of audio file.

The embedded CODE is only detectable by KA-BOOM's cleaver technology.

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