Mr Gates Logo
Mr Gates - Brand Identity
Here is a great example to showcase how to keep working with clients until they are truly satisfied with the design. Although beautiful designs were produced throughout and the client was happy with what was delivered from the brief, he continued to drive the project and not settle. I believe we went through 10-15 sets of revisions to get the best possible identity we could deliver. In return I have a very happy client and a very nice brand for to add to the portfolio.
First concept of logos designed for Mr Gates, The client instantly was drawn to the GG logo in the circle. Very simple, clean and iconic. Next stage I developed visuals of how the brand would look and feel below.
Logos and visual were well received. However feedback is the initial reason for the identity is to show Mr Gates is more than a gate manufacturer. The logo/s should demonstrate unity between new production departments which offer fabrications such as Railings, Garage Doors, Automation etc. Another suggestion was to bring some colour to the industry.
Revised logos were sent for feedback on colours, fonts and concepts. We felt elements of the logos show unity, the MG in the circle is iconic and the colours are certainly bright. The target at this stage was to get approval from the client that the individual elements were on track, however the logos are looking very complex and unbalanced. 
Client was 100% on board with our thought process and we moved to the final stage of the logo. We designed 5 similar logos to which the client loved them all and has decided to use all 5 throughout different types of marketing media.
Mr Gates Brand Colours
Mr Gates Brand Identity
Once the logo was finalised we start creation of the icons to represent each department of The Gates Group. This was very straight forward as I had a very clear vision of the brand and whats required. Icons and business stationery were designed and printed on the clients desk the very next week.
Mr Gates Icon Designs
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